Andy’s Apple Farm

Andy’s Apple Farm

How compelling pixelated images of simple characters can be and can they captivate users with their story. You will play as Andy the Apple, who will meet other heroes, instead of their heads, they have certain items or skins.

The house has lost its key and wants you to find it. Would you be surprised by a flickering screen in a dark frame? Or will you not spit when you see a fish instead of the head of one of the heroes? Each of them wants to play with you. They will suggest you a type of fun for fun. You will not be able to resist, as you assertively want to return to your home.

Andy’s Apple Farm are waiting for you bonuses in the form of stickers that you will receive from each character. They will help you find a clue or search hints. The story reveals one murder story that will be stitched into every millimeter of the plot.

After meeting with friends in a monotonous location, you will receive tasks for which you can get answers. As soon as you start your journey, the gameplay will close and send you to other locations. The snowy forest will send you to the dialogue of the two girls, whom you are watching from the window.

You enter a house, which immediately turns into devastation. This is more like psychedelic and a test of the stability of the nervous system.

Your main difficulty is figuring out what needs to be done and how to avoid the terrible melody and kick it out of the process. The most mysterious and convoluted survival story for the players themselves.