Poppy Playtime Horror

Poppy Playtime Horror

What terrifying secrets does the empty toy factory hide in its walls? In this game you are going to search for all the answers and discover the truth that is standing behind the frightening events that happened a couple of years ago.

You play an ex worker from the popular toy factory. Beautiful dolls, cool cars and soft plush toys – everything that was made in these rooms. But the funny days end when the terrifying events happen here.

One day the building became empty, and now all workers remain missing, except you. And you are here to hold your own investigation and find the truth. In this game you will pass different chapters, solving riddles and completing quests.

Poppy Playtime is also a survival, so developers didn’t forget about exciting quests. In this game you are able to find a bunch of them and show all your intelligence. You will search for the right buttons, collect lever arms and guess codes. Do everything to unlock all doors and get to the final in this game.

During the whole game you are not alone. The scary blue toy is wandering around searching for you. And you need to complete all tasks in this thrilling horror atmosphere. Fortunately for you, you have a special tool that can help you in your quests. It is a mechanism with two hands that you are able to lengthen. With them, you can grab necessary things that are too high or push buttons to unlock doors.

Find the special palm shaped buttons over every new door and press it to unlock the new room. The amount of rooms in this cool game is huge, so prepare yourself for a long fascinating journey.

Start Poppy Playtime right now and enjoy your pastime. If you like unexpected screamers and a tense atmosphere you are at the right address!