Sussy Schoolgrounds

Sussy Schoolgrounds

Sussy Schoolgrounds is a new horror that will give you goosebumps. The story tells about a guy who decided to take a walk. The best place to do this is in the back garden of the school. There are many ways to have fun here, so get started! What a shame when the players realize that they are not alone here.

Survive or die?

The main character immediately realized that there was someone else on the territory. This was suggested to him by suspicious sounds and scattered strange things. Yes, he is right, because terrible monsters live here. Despite their bright appearance, they are very cunning and dangerous.

Do not turn around, run and think about the option of salvation! Each character is unique, so take care of your life. Explore the location and be careful not to fall into a trap. In order to get out of here, players must use logic and ingenuity. Come up with a strategy or plan to get to freedom.

In addition, in the game, participants can destroy walls and the like. This will open up new places and help you find out the whole truth. But it can also end badly! Knockout noise can provoke opponents. You don’t want to meet them face to face, do you? Get ready for tension and screamers, but prove that you are not weak!