Grimace Shake

Grimace Shake

This game will take you to the creepiest atmosphere that can exist. The plot tells about a purple character who has become a symbol of a famous restaurant. He fell in love with everyone, but this does not mean that he is cute and sweet. Are you ready to learn some secrets about him?

Stay safe and sound!

Grimace Shake is a horror where fans will be taken to a strange mansion. Here they have to spend a decent amount of time and not die from creepy moments. Lots of rooms to explore and tension to be with you until the end of the process. Can you complete this mission or burst into tears and run away in the middle of the process?

Behind every door there will be secrets to discover. It is worth doing it or not – it’s up to you. But what will it be like to live if gloomy thoughts do not leave your head? Let’s get on with this creepy adventure and reach the end no matter what! Do not forget that screamers will be here at every turn, so hang on!

In this game, fans have to solve puzzles of varying difficulty. If you think that it will be easy, then we are in a hurry to upset you. Participants will have to break the brain to find all the answers. In addition, the challenge will be attended by higher powers that are considered paranormal.