Evil Nun 2022 Horror

The creepy nun continues his abductions and your character will have to get out of a terrible vicious circle of events. It has never been so difficult to understand the logic of a distraught person. Strange kids who want to be saved. How did it all begin and how did the nun evolve, who so bloodthirsty wants to destroy or mock everyone around?

The developers have prepared a lot of tricks for you, after which you will be terribly uncomfortable in silence and darkness. Her image has become even more cheeky and unbridled. You are given 5 days for which you need to escape or you will become another inhabitant of this terrible house. What do these masks mean and will you save everyone else in this creepy place?

Locations are drawn in a rather creepy way that poisons your attention and distracts from the many obvious clues that are hidden under the debris of objects, under the floorboards and even in the walls. In order to look for answers, you need to set clear questions at the beginning and then move in search of a solution to the problems.

Scary sounds, dripping water, destructive sobs and screams from everywhere will clearly intimidate the player, but your task is not to be distracted from the main mission. What else can be useful to you? Collect some things and a flashlight that will come in handy in the further walkthrough of Evil Nun 2022 Horror. Start fighting this infernal machine right now, before you are ground down by these pseudo-believing old women with mutilated faces.