Poppy Playtime Survival

Poppy Playtime Survival

What happened in this toy factory remains a secret. And you are here to discover the truth and find all the answers.

Poppy Playtime will immerse you into this frightening atmosphere, so you can experience what it’s like – to be trapped in a huge empty building alone with the terrifying creatures wandering around.

Always look back

The main antagonist in this game is a huge soft toy. He has long legs and arms and a large red mouth. Most of the time he is laughing with his creepy smile. And of course, during the game you will experience many unexpected screamers with this personage. You can meet him in a second location.

There he won’t give you the keys you need. But after a little time of teasing you, he finally gives up and throws it to your hero. But the second you turn around, this terrifying creature disappears. Don’t think that he is gone forever. Because during the whole Poppy Playtime Survival walkthrough he is chasing you in the whole building.

The location is huge. You will unlock various rooms and halls, and even run through vents. And every chamber is well-detailed and has a bunch of interesting quests. You are able to see various parts of the dolls and cars lying around, different broken stuff and other items. But remember that you are alone in this enormous factory.

So it’s not time to observe the details in every room. The spooky atmosphere and this horrifying creature will make you move forward despite anything.

How to play?

Your main aim in this game is to reach the final. And to pass all rooms and get to the final chapter, you need to complete fascinating quests. You are going to search for the necessary items, guess the right codes for the doors and push different buttons and lever arms. And you can’t do it without the special tool.

In the beginning of the game you receive a strange tool. It is a huge toy that you put on your back. It has one arm, but you can lengthen it to grab things you need and press buttons. Also, later in the process you receive the second arm. They have different colors and perfectly fit to the strange palm shaped buttons over locked doors.

Also, you will find special cassettes with all the information you need to know to solve this case and hold an investigation yourself. Watch them on the special TVs to understand the story. You need all your skills, dexterity and intelligence, because the more you move forward, the more difficult the quests become.

Meet all characters that developers added to the process. Pass all chapters and get to the truth to pass Poppy Playtime Survival.