Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2

Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2

Today we will run away from the rabbit and hide in the dark to hide from the distraught animal. You have to be as quiet as possible so as not to break the silence and not bump into Mr. Hopps. There are closed doors and a lot of things here. You can move them or look for a secluded hiding place where no one can find you.

There is no way out of this house, so you only have survival. The children got toys and the walker turns into a real epic. Move from floor to floor and don’t let your nightmares come true. Esther offers to play, while Molly and Isaac agree to hide and seek. Will this atmosphere of childish prank become a real nightmare?

Miss Beverly is tired of childish tricky fun and asks them to stop playing. What will the kids do to have fun? Their toys are always with them. Are they watching them?

The next chapter opens the hunting season and the evil hare makes the poor girl get out of bed and wander around the dark corners of the house. What is he planning and what development of events awaits the pupils? You need to hide not only from Mr. Hopps, but also from the overseers at home. Hide behind doors or in closets to avoid drawing their anger on yourself.

The house looks very sparse, and every crack here keeps its secrets. Explore the dining room and kitchen, find hidden secrets in the living room or even in the caregivers’ office. A spike may suddenly appear from under the floor, or the spirit of the toy may descend directly from the ceiling. Get your nerves ready and don’t let the blood cool too quickly. The game contains many secrets and you have to solve them.