Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Ethan, in search of his wife, has not found a place for three years. And when he receives the letter he breaks down, gets into the car and finds himself in a forgotten village very far from civilization. Mia was found in a terrible place. There was clearly something wrong with her and she attacked the main character from the doorway. She clearly showed signs of mental instability.

Ethan noticed that everyone in the building was acting like beasts. They attacked and behaved recklessly. They were struck by a suspicious disease for which there was no panacea. What was the beginning of this terrible infection and will you be able to save Mia?

Some kind of curse enveloped this village, and everyone here is fighting for survival. 4 demons are guarding this chaos and no one has yet managed to escape from this Transylvanian wilderness intact. Your character is in constant search of a way out and he has to defend himself. Every little thing here is saturated with the spirit of the vampire Alsin Dimitrescu, who thirsts for human blood. 3 more antagonists worship an unknown deity.

Resident Evil Village is packed with tranquil exploration and gruesome, bloodthirsty battles. During these battles, an important part of the life of the protagonist passes. The rather tense atmosphere is reinforced by well-drawn foregrounds and backgrounds, which gives you the opportunity to assess the situation extensively.

In return for successfully completing and trying to help Ethan, you will receive a lot of unforgettable emotions, because this story is a balance between all the components of horror and survival. You are about to go on the most unforgettable journey of your life.