The Baby in Yellow 2

The Baby in Yellow 2

The game resembles an ordinary real life simulator. You have found a job as a nanny and you have your first task: to follow the cute girl while her mother drives away for a while on business. A cute baby is waiting for you in the highchair. While she studies you, look around and explore the entire apartment.

Here you will find the kitchen. Interactive ovens and toasters, a refrigerator with a milk bottle to feed your baby. You will find a bedroom and a nursery. Everything here is equipped for convenience. But didn’t that fancy mask on the dresser put you on your guard? What does it mean? Simple and understandable monotonous childcare will turn into a real nightmare when things start to disappear and the house is no longer so cozy.

As soon as this mask is on the baby’s face, she will start doing strange things. Instead of changing the diaper, there will be a raccoon on the table. And the baby herself is hanging upside down on the ceiling with bright yellow eyes. He’s still kind. While we put the baby to bed, she closely observes your behavior. If you’ve forgotten her plush pet, you’re in trouble.

You can play the first version of this horror movie in the office while the baby is sleeping. You hear crying, but you don’t find her in bed. What did this little demon do this time? But with the child, everything is normal. Who makes this horrible sound and sets the stove on fire? Don’t you think there are too many plush raccoons? This toy is becoming ubiquitous.

Understand who and whom possessed and how to survive this terrible night. After that, would you want to try to sit with the kids?