Squid Game 3D

Squid Game 3D

For those who have not yet realized that you have to pay for everything, and sometimes even at the cost of your own life, this game was created. Here, all the rules are extremely clear and simple. Each level includes one task.

The first step will be the doll. You will be able to move around the field and try to reach the finish line when she is not looking at you. If, after turning your head, you are still running, your chances of getting a bullet in the forehead will increase by 100%. Don’t give in to emotions and don’t feel sorry for other rivals. They will drain you at the first opportunity.

The second task is cutting out the shapes. What suits you best in character: a five-pointed star or a triangle? Your life depends on this choice and whether you will lose it. Using a needle or other tricks, cut out the honeycomb shape so that it doesn’t break.

You will be watched all the time by bizarre guards in red suits. Instead of faces, you will find geometric shapes. Sounds like a fantastic idea from an evil math genius. Someone controls this madness.

What is terrible here users will ask. Have you ever wondered what a person experiences under pain of death. What is the human mind ready for when you have only one way out: death. In the best case scenario, you will be the only winner who will receive a lot of money. But won’t you break even if you win?

Leave all your principles behind the screen and enjoy the unique atmosphere in which only the strongest will survive. What awaits you after each level and do you have enough nerve cells to continue the fight?