Granny 3

Granny 3

The house was filled with fears and cries of his captives. Granny built a new house with Grandpa in this part of a mind blowing horror movie. Grandpa got a new gun and we couldn’t do without the participation of their granddaughter Slendrina.

From the first step they run away from you inside and follow you with a webcam. Day 1 you will find yourself in a prison from which you have to escape. They will follow you like a caged animal in Granny 3. Find the lockpick to escape from the lock and start your exploration of the house.

Granny is persistently trying to find you. She knows her home like the back of her hand. The inhabitants of the house appear from around the corner very unexpectedly. Be careful around corners and find places to stay safely in it.
You will find various objects: skeletons, cartridges and toys. Find the right use for them. Do not look the inhabitants of the house in the eyes, they will incinerate you.

5 days of amazing goosebumps. Grandpa began to hit right on target and as soon as he sees you, everything will be repeated. You will find yourself behind bars, so don’t lose your lockpick. What brought them to this state and why are they so bloodthirsty? What stories and secrets does this house keep? We strongly recommend that you be patient and confidently move with the keys, because the characters are more realistic and vicious.

Frank scenes and terrifying sounds, whimsical granddaughter and old people in love with their work will become a curse. How will this story end and will you be able to escape? Otherwise, you will remain a prisoner of this basement forever.