Poppy Puzzle

Poppy Puzzle

Puzzle Poppy Playtime is inherently a puzzle as you will often have to strain your brain. A special device with long arms is available to you in the game. With it, you are able to open different passages for yourself or get items that are going to be useful to you later.

In addition to the fact that there are various mysteries, the game is developed in the genre of horror and adventure. So in the process of playing, you will be trying to catch different toys that live in an abandoned factory.

By the way, the main protagonist used to work on it. He returned to her to find out what happened then, as a result of which many people disappeared.

At the moment in the game, you are able to meet two antagonists, one of whom wanders around the location and is going to interfere with you. He is going to first watch you from afar and later will actively pursue you.

So try not to get caught by him. With the second antagonist, you meet at the very end of the first chapter, when you come to the room where the doll is. She was also mentioned at the very beginning.

The player will most likely be able to learn more about it in the next part when he has two potential pursuers. It is also possible that other toys follow the main protagonists. But this is most likely going to depend on the developers, who will soon release more chapters. But this, of course, is taking some time.

So far, we can only say that many players liked the concept and now they are waiting for a new chapter, already creating their own theories about what awaits them in the future.