Poppy Playtime Mobile

Poppy Playtime Mobile

You probably already heard about this new horror game with well-detailed cartoon graphics and frightening toys as your opponents. It’s time to grab your iphone or other device and test it yourself on this site!

You appear in the huge building full of empty rooms and halls. All over the floor you can see the broken parts of dolls and cars. And the only thing that is still working in this abandoned toy factory are TVs and doors.

Some mechanisms are also working, but you need to complete different quests to turn them on. But first, let’s discover the story of this terrifying empty building.

By grabbing the cassettes and watching special videos you can see the whole story. In two words, you are an ex worker of this factory, and all your coworkers suddenly went missing one strange day. You are here to discover the truth, and nothing will stop you. But are you sure that it is true?

In the second room you are able to see the huge blue toy. His creepy smile and long arms seem strange to you. And you are not wrong. This is your main enemy in this game. He is always near you, waiting for you to make mistakes. Of course, the unexpected screamers are also here in this game – he will jump the moment you don’t expect it. But what do you need to escape this building and complete your mission?

Complete the fascinating quests and explore the large factory. Search for codes to open doors, push lever arms to get new items. You receive a big toy which helps you complete all quests. It has two long arms, so you receive an opportunity to grab every necessary item from a distance.

This is your chance to play it one of the first. All you need is an android or other device and this site. Enjoy the Poppy Playtime Mobile!