Poppy Playtime Game Online Play

This new game quickly reached all tops in the gamers community, and now you are able to watch tons of exciting videos about it from popular creators. But on this site you can become a player and immerse into the thrilling atmosphere of Poppy Playtime! What is waiting for you in this huge scary building? Let’s play and find out!

Explore the building

It was our childhood dream to stay in the large building where our favorite dolls, cars and other playthings are made. But the main hero came to this building because of a frightening reason. All the workers who were creating different dolls and cars suddenly became missing.

And after a long time, the main hero decides to return here and discover what happened to poor workers. Of course, you are going to help him, because in this enormous abandoned toy factory every person can get lost. Poppy Playtime consists of different chapters that you are going to pass to reach the final and find all answers.

And during the game you will unlock and explore more well-detailed rooms with various spooky stuff lying around. For example, the parts of the dolls lying around the floor are the common things. And of course, this is the real horror.

So not only the terrifying atmosphere will accompany you while you play, but the scary unexpected screamers too. But what can become a frightening monster in such a cute and funny place? Well, let’s meet Huggy Wuggy!

The antagonist and quests

Your opponent is a huge blue fluffy doll with a large red smile, long arms and legs and horrifying laughter. In the beginning of Poppy Playtime you will meet this strange doll in one of the rooms. After he teases you a little, he quickly disappears. And during the game he chases you from room to hall.

But what do you need to escape this terrible place? Poppy Playtime is a real survival, so to escape, complete all the fascinating quests that developers added to the process. You will connect wires, search for the right codes, push buttons and pass other interesting riddles.

You have a special tool – two hands on your back. With their help you are able to reach different objects, grab them and throw. But the main use for them is pressing buttons over the doors that will open them. Yeah, almost all doors are locked. And you need to get all two hands, press the special buttons with them and open all doors to move forward.

Won’t you stick around?

There are not only blue creatures with a vile grin. Here, players will also be able to find his best friends. They have the same goal – to intimidate anyone who enters their territory. Kissy Missy looks feminine and cute thanks to the pink color of the coat.

But in fact, she is ready to suffocate you with her obsession. It is better not to approach her and hide if you notice her. There are also a couple of creepy heroes here that will make you goosebumps. Avoid meeting with them and constantly use your intuition!

There is no time to think long – act!

Also, fans can understand that the enemy is close with the help of sounds. Creatures cannot move silently, so listen for suspicious footsteps. Quickly look for ways to hide, such as under the bed or in the closet.

In addition, you must constantly be on the alert so as not to die. You have never gotten so close to the solution and it’s time to find out the truth! Don’t stop and don’t make mistakes to finally finish this dumb case!

Whether you have a pc or other devices, you are able to test Poppy Playtime on this site. Be ready for the exciting quests and thrilling atmosphere!

Be vigilant and attentive so as not to miss any of the clues! The game is worth it to shake your nerves! Unlock hidden potentials in yourself and be surprised at your quick reaction! Good luck!